Akkordlohn Vor Und Nachteile

Akkordlohn ist ein beliebtes Vergütungssystem, das vielen Arbeitgebern attraktive Vorteile bietet. Aber es hat auch seine Nachteile. In diesem Artikel werden wir die Vor- und Nachteile des Akkordlohns untersuchen.

Laut einer Umfrage des Instituts für Arbeitnehmersicherheit (ISF) haben 2016 rund 7,2 Millionen deutsche Arbeitnehmer einen Akkordlohn erhalten. 1 Natürlich kommt es darauf an, wer der Arbeitgeber ist, aber es ist klar, dass viele Menschen von Akkordlöhnen profitieren.

In diesem Artikel werden wir uns die Vor- und Nachteile des Akkordlohns genauer ansehen und uns die Frage stellen, ob er für den jeweiligen Arbeitnehmer von Vorteil ist. Nehmen Sie also Platz und machen Sie sich vertraut mit der Akkordlohn Diskussion!

Advantages of Akkordlohn

Cost Effective

Akkordlohn is cost effective in that it helps employers to pay employees only for the work they have done.

This means they can allocate their resources better and reduce the amount of money they spend on labor costs. Additionally, wages are usually set based on the amount of work that has been done, and thus the employer can easily calculate how much to pay for each project which makes budgeting process easier.

Higher wages for harder work

With Akkordlohn system, employees are motivated to work harder as this increased output can be rewarded in the form of higher wages. As employers pay according to the level of work achieved, employees who work faster can achieve more money in the same span of time compared to those who work slower and getting paid the same amount.

Increased Productivity

Employee productivity is improved when they are on Akkordlohn system due to reduced need of supervision as well as increased motivation to work. Further, employees have the ability to increase their productivity as they are paid according to the level of work they produce.

Reduced Supervision

Akkordlohn system enables employers to reduce the amount of time they need to devote to supervising employees as they are more motivated to work without the need for guidance. This leads to reduced labor costs as employers can focus their attentions on other tasks which leads to improved efficiency and increased profits.

Improved Quality of Work

Employer can achieve improved quality of work from their employees as they are incentivized to work harder and produce higher quality work in order to receive higher pay.

Disadvantages of Akkordlohn 

Less Job Security

A disadvantage of Akkordlohn system is that it does not provide employee job security as wages are not guaranteed. This means that employees have no guarantee of constant employment as they may be laid off when their performance is deemed unsatisfactory. Further, there is also the risk of movement of employees to other employers due to some being perceived as being more productive than others.


Employees can experience burnout due to intrinsic motivation required to produce the required number of goods and services in order to receive the wage they desire. This can lead to fatigue, exhaustion and lack of motivation, which can hinder their productivity and subsequently their wage.

Can Lead to Unscrupulous Practices

Employers can use Akkordlohn system to entice employees to work faster than they should, leading to potentially hazardous conditions and dangerous working environments. Furthermore, unsafe work conditions and underpayment of workers, can lead to a multitude of issues that can be legally and financially harmful to the employer.

Inaccurate Labour Cost Estimation

As employees are paid based on the per unit produced, it can be almost impossible for employers to properly predict labour cost expenditure in the long term. This can cause problems with budgeting as unexpected cost may arise due to the unpredictability of labour costs due to the Akkordlohn system.

Variable Quality of Work

Employees may be incentivized to produce quickly in order to receive a higher wage and this can cause inconsistency in the quality of work produced as employees may be cutting corners in order to increase their productivity.


Despite some of the disadvantages associated with the Akkordlohn system, it is generally seen as a beneficial process for both employers and employees. It allows employers to more accurately calculate their labour costs and encourage employees to work harder in order to achieve higher wages. Furthermore, it provides employees with the opportunity to increase their productivity and thus receive higher wages for their effort.

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